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Have you ever wondered if God or the Universal Source can be a real presence in your life? Not having a handle on the Spiritual foundation of your time on earth can leave a real empty spot.
Let me help you fill the gap with real principles, that show how you can be completely one with God who surronds you.

People call me ‘The Soul Shepherd,’ knowing I like to guide them down the true path to success. I possess relevant skills, years of experience, and the level of empathy needed to coach people with their real problems. I assist in strengthening your faith, taking accountability for your actions and working with your mindset and attitude to develop into the person you always wanted to be. Take a leap of faith today and get your life back on track with Katdee Cross Coaching!

Improving the world little by little, client by client, through a combination of life and spiritual coaching programs, mindset training, “habit-forming and self-improvement” sessions

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When you live a life far lower than your expectations – maybe because of sudden life loss due to an empty nest or recurrent defeats in your relationships, it’s a must to explain the reasons to yourself and get a clearer picture. Katdee, a Spiritual Counseling Expert, thinks each chooses to ” Live your Labels.” She helps individuals leave the nest box and start living with an open mind, creating an aura of certainty and trust.

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All of Life has a Spiritual component to it, no matter what segment it falls under, whether healthy habits, career or relationship problems. I can help you clarify these questions and choose a better way of solving the unsolvable. These processes are founded by the Life Purpose Institute and have been successfully used since 1984. Book a complementary session today and find the value of a coaching relationship with Karen Cross.



Prepare to deal with the mental and emotional challenges that come along with career choices.



Discover how to settle marital and most common family problems such as divorce, mediation, childrearing, etc.


Hear It From Them

Katdee is an excellent guide; she has what it needs to transform you into your better version. The best part is she responds on time and gives detailed sessions.

Clara Jepsen CEO

Thank you, Karen, for helping me connects with my inner self and bettering my relationship with my other half. This was much needed as my marital ship was sinking really badly.

Jonathan Doe Manager

Katdee, you're a gem! She supported me in recognizing the root issue of my problems so that I could get the necessary healing with time. Now I'm considering you for my brother too.

Steven Chaw Manager

Karen really helped me out in solving problems. I have trouble sorting them out, and Karen helped me think of new solutions. A big help!


Karen has integrity to the 9th degree.


Kate is a good guide, never pushy or bossy. She offered me fitting advice.

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It is possible to feel completely alone in the world, but the good news is there is hope.

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Get everything in place – families, careers, and everyday lives by letting us assess your spiritual concerns. Karen has the professional expertise required to inspire you, so you absolutely can!

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